Welcome Back, Wildcats!

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! We welcomed two new counselors to our team this year, Ms. Nguyen and Ms. Zhou. Please see the list below to find your school counselor (by last name).

Who is my counselor?

Counselors           Last Names         Email Contact                             Phone

Annie Zhou                   A – D         ayzhou@seattleschools.org             206-252-8814
Erica Nguyen                E – J          etnguyen@seattleschools.org          206-252-8909
Mallory Neuman         K – P         mlneuman@seattleschools.org       206-252-8775
Colette Swenson          Q – Z         cswenson@seattleschools.org         206-252-8819
Kailey Ketter (Counseling Intern) kpketter@seattleschools.org         206-252-8928

If you haven’t had a chance to meet your new counselor yet, come by and say hello!  Open office hours are before school, after school, and during student lunch

Make sure you stay up to date with WSHS communication!



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