course catalog 2019-2020



January 14-18

  • In Social Studies (9th grade) and Language Arts (10th-11th) classes, students will review their academic histories to determine classes they still need to take for graduation and for admission to four year colleges. They will each receive a copy of their academic history and graduation audit (four-year plan) according to their graduation year.
  • Students will be shown where to access the 2019-2020 Course Catalog online.
  • Students will receive a colored/registration option sheet that will include space for a parent signature. Please review this with your student and sign prior to February 4th, 2019. If you have any questions about placement into AP or Honors, please contact your student’s current teacher in that content area (e.g. if your student wishes to take AP Language Arts, you would contact their current Language Arts teacher).


February 4- 15

  • Students will be called in to meet with their counselor individually to discuss their course choices for next year.
  • Students will be called at random and MUST arrive to their appointment with their colored option sheet signed by a parent. Students without completed option sheets, including parent signatures, will be sent back to class.
  • Students should also bring with them to their appointment academic histories and four year plans (distributed in class).


Registration FAQ’s

Do I have to have my parents sign?

How will I know when it’s my turn to register?
The counselors will send a colored “request to report” rather than the normal white ones. This will help both teachers and students know that the pass is for registration

When will I get called down?
Registration will start on February 4th and will run through the 15th. Counselors will be calling their students down in random order during that time.

What if I am absent on the day my counselor calls me down?
Don’t panic, just let your counselor know ahead of time (if you can) and we will reschedule you.

Do seniors get first choice in classes?
Yes, once all of the info is entered, counselors do check senior schedules first to help make sure seniors get the classes that they need and want for college admissions/graduation.

What three sheets of paper am I supposed to bring?
Your Academic History, Four Year Plan and signed Option Sheet

What happens if I never come to my appointment?
Your counselor gets to choose all of your classes for you!

Why do we need alternate courses?
Sometimes classes fill up or they just don’t work in your schedule.  Your alternate choices let the counselors know what your 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices are so that you get classes that you want and don’t have to wait in LONG lines outside the counselor’s office at the start of the year.

What if I want to be a TA?
Choose an elective for the time being and make a note on your option sheet indicating that you would like to TA for next year.  It will be your responsibility to get the TA form signed at the beginning of the year. Only juniors and seniors can be TA’s.

What if I know I’m transferring or taking classes at Running Start?
You need to sign up for classes anyway! We would rather get you the classes you want and pull you out later if you do move or take Running Start classes.

What if I failed a class? Can I re-take it?
Generally you can’t retake classes and will need to make up failed classes during summer school.  See your counselor with questions.

**Any specific/individual questions can be referred back to the student’s counselor



 Are you interested in the Skills Center?

Check out the Skills Center website for more info —


Running Start info – visit our RS page here 


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