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Senior End of Year Info

May 27: Community Service Hours due to your student’s counselor

June 3: 
Completed PE waivers due to your student’s counselor


June 4   8:00-12:00pm: Senior Prom

June 9   7:00pm: Senior Awards Night in the Theater. Recipients of awards will receive invitations, but the event is open to all families.

June 13-16: Senior Check-out
Senior check-out, which includes completed Service Learning Hours, Graduation Requirements and fines, will take place throughout the week. Seniors cannot walk in the graduation ceremony if the checkout sheet is not completed and turned into their counselor prior to graduation practice.

June 14-16: Senior Finals
Dates and times are at the discretion of teachers, but will be completed by June 16.

June 16: Last day of class for seniors

June 17   9:00am: Senior Breakfast
Senior Breakfast will be held in the Commons on Friday, June 17 at 9:00am. Graduation practice will take place immediately following the breakfast and is mandatory for all seniors.

June 21  8:00pm: GRADUATION – Seniors arrive at 6:00pm; Immediately following Graduation students load on busses for Grad-night Return 6am 6/25 to WSHS parking lot


Graduation Details:

  • Caps and Gowns
    If your student ordered, but has not picked up their cap and gown, he/she needs to see Ms. Ferda. If your student has not yet ordered their cap and gown, they need to contact National Achievers at nationachiever.com or call 1-800-800-4083 ASAP.
    **Students may not wear additional items with the exception of honor cords, official sashes issued by WSHS, Hawaiian leis, Kente cloth and/or other cultural adornments consistent with graduation. During the ceremony, the front of the gown must be completely zipped. Inappropriate attire will be removed from students in the line-up prior to marching into the Southwest Athletic Complex field.


  • Mandatory Rehearsal for all Seniors
    Rehearsal will immediately follow Senior Breakfast on Friday, June 17 at 10:00 am in the WSHS gym. Students who do not participate in rehearsal will not be allowed to walk in the ceremony.


  • Official Diplomas
    Diplomas will be distributed during the reception following graduation ceremonies.


  • Official Transcripts
    All four year colleges require an end of the year official transcript. During senior checkout, students must provide their counselor with a stamped, addressed envelope to the admissions office of their selected college/university. Your student MUST include their name in the return address area. Two year colleges/tech schools do not require an official transcript.


Graduation Ceremony Details:

  • Graduation is Tuesday, June 21 at 8:00pm at the Southwest Athletic Complex field.
  • Tickets will be available at senior breakfast. Each student will receive 10 tickets and may request more as seating is unlimited.
  • Seniors should be lined up for processional at SWAC no later than 6:00pm in order to participate in the ceremony.
  • Seniors who disrupt the formal nature of this ceremony in any way will be assigned a consequence at the discretion of administration prior to the diploma being released.
  • Balloons will not be allowed in the stadium. We request that you leave balloons in your car until after the ceremony.

Graduation privileges, college acceptances and scholarships may be revoked for failing grades and disciplinary actions. Graduation is a ceremony and a celebration. Students who are disruptive during rehearsal, graduation, or other WSHS events may jeopardize the privilege of participating in the ceremony. Parents, families and friends are also requested to honor the integrity of the ceremony by being respectful to all graduates and others attending the ceremony.

PSAT Test Interpretation

What do your PSAT scores mean?

February 8

West Seattle High School Library

6:30-8:00 PM

The Princeton Review will be giving a presentation on what your PSAT scores mean, why they are important and what you can do with them.  They will also give tips and tricks on how to take the SAT.



Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid Presentation with Tim Tank

January 26

West Seattle High School Theater

5:30-6:30 PM

 “College Financial Planning and Preparation” presentation given by guest speaker, Tim Tank, Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley. This presentation is designed for parents and students in any grade level who have unanswered questions about the costs and issues associated with planning for college. He will also discuss FAFSA completion.

FAFSA Completion Event

January 26

West Seattle High School Library

5:30-8:30 PM

FAFSA event